“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”  
Lord Buddha   

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Born in Darjeeling in 1953, Mr. Naresh Kumar is an eminent business leader, a pioneer and significant contributor to the rapid evolution of India's oil & gas sector for more than 28 years, a committed philanthropist, and a devout believer. After completing his primary education from Kolkata, he graduated in 1974 as a gold medalist in mechanical engineering. His visionary thinking, unflinching dedication and conscientious efforts have immensely helped India's oil industry to grow into one of country's most strategic contributors to the economy and a force to reckon with, globally.

JDIL was incorporated in the year 1983 under the leadership of Mr Naresh Kumar. Today, the company has emerged as one of the largest Indian private operator of jack-up rigs in India operating five Jack-up rigs in India. It was also the first Indian company to have introduced premium class new generation jack-up rigs and Directional Drilling Services in India.

Mr. Kumar (the only person from the private sector) is a founding member of the Petrotech Society, India's apex nonprofit organization comprising heads of public sector units (PSUs) of the hydrocarbon industry, and have earlier served as its president for four consecutive term. With other luminaries from India's most prominent PSUs, Mr. Kumar played a critical role in conceptualizing the Petrotech Society, with the objective of providing a platform for knowledge sharing and technology transfer in the hydrocarbon sector, exploring areas of growth and cooperation, and propelling overall development of the industry.

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